The Logan Healthcare Foundation, Inc.

Serving the Residents of Logan, Boone, Lincoln, Mingo, and Wyoming and counties in Southern West Virginia.

400 Airport Road, Chapmanville, WV  25601

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The Logan Healthcare Foundation,  Inc., was formed on December 14, 2003, with the primary charitable purpose of seeking to improve the health status of, and access to health care for the residents of its "service area".  Utilizing a variety of approaches the Foundation will implement new programs and/or award grants to qualified nonprofit organizations with specific, identifiable needs to support or create physical and mental health programs, improve living conditions, and promote the adoption of health policies that will address the unmet health needs of West Virginians in its service area.

Geographic Limitations

The Foundation is restricted to the geographic service area formerly served by the Logan General Hospital and the residents of Logan, Boone, Lincoln, Mingo, and Wyoming counties in southern West Virginia.