Community Advisory Committee

The Community Advisory Committee is a group of volunteers who are generally residents of the geographic service area formerly served by the Logan General Hospital who apply and are appointed to the Community Advisory Committee.  The Committee will be chosen by the Foundation from the pool of eligible applicants.  The Community Advisory Committee will meet as needed for the purpose of assisting the Foundation in evaluating and prioritizing grant applications, identifying community needs, conducting surveys, identifying and prioritizing unmet healthcare needs for the residents of the service area.

Members of the Advisory Committee may be called upon to serve on and participate in focus groups, subcommittees, perform research, participate in public meetings and assist the Founcation in the furtherance of its charitable purposes.  Volunteers should be dedicated to community service and be willing to donate time and effort in the furtherance of Foundation activities.   

Interested persons wishing to serve on the Advisory Committee will need to complete an application.  Applications are distributed by mail. 

Please write to the Logan Healthcare Foundation, Inc., at 400 Airport Road, Chapmanville, WV, 25508 and request that an application be mailed to you.  Please include a mailing address for response.